Oodelah will be introducing an update to our pricing and services beginning October 15, 2021.


Custom & Ashiatsu Bodywork

Each of our talented therapists have been trained in a variety of massage modalities that can be customized and adapted to the client's individual goals.
60 Minutes - $90
90 Minutes - $125
120 Minutes - $165

Prenatal/Postnatal Bodywork

Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women, while postpartum massage focuses on helping the body heal and rest in the 3 months after delivery. Specially-designed techniques, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to keep the client safe and comfortable. 
60 Minutes - $80
90 Minutes - $110


Memberships are charged monthly on a date of your choosing.

Credits remain valid for 6 months!
60 Minutes - $85
90 Minutes - $115
120 Minutes - $150

Series Packages

60 Minutes - $80/each
3 pkg - $240: Bronze
6 pkg - $480: Gold
90 Minutes - $110/each
3 pkg - $330: Steel
6 pkg - $660: Copper
90 Minutes - $140/each
3 pkg - $420: Titanium
6 pgk - $840: Platinum

new services

Focused Massage

30 Minutes - $50
This service is designed for a quick and focused session on a portion of the body where we carry tension and need immediate relief. Clients can choose a session to focus on: head/neck; feet/lower leg; hands/arms; or jaw/face. This service is great for headaches, jaw pain from teeth grinding, treatment for vertigo, carpel tunnel pain, etc.

Foot Bath

30 Minutes - $50
60 Minutes - $80
Both sessions include a foot soak in scented warm bath, sugar scrub, foot/lower leg massage including the use of hot towels.

A 60 minute session adds the use of hot stones and an Oodelah custom CBD upgrade.
Arm Add On - $10
Massage and hot towels on hands and forearms.

Oodelah Custom Lotions, Oils, Creams, and Bath Bombs

Enjoy our custom-made and scented products at home! Try our targeted CBD and non-CBD options for nausea, headaches, pregnant and nursing mothers, inflammation, pain, and more!
Lotions  ·  Creams  ·  Facial Oils  ·  Massage Oils
Bath Bombs  ·  Shower Steamers  ·  Body Scrubs


Find more information on our services or reach out to schedule an appointment.
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